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Changyi Xusheng Ink Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, with an annual production capacity of more than 4,000 tons and independent research and development capabilities. Perennial production of "Jinma" brand high, medium and low grade benzene-soluble, benzene-free environmentally friendly plastic embossed ink, plastic printing ink, water-based plastic ink. "Green Ring" brand environmentally friendly waterborne industrial paint.
The inks produced by our company are suitable for high and low speed printing of various films such as various films, gift wrapping papers, couplets, woven bags and so on. The printed product has good brightness, high adhesion fastness, acid and alkali resistance and high water resistance. The ink produced has been tested by QB2930.2.2008WZJ/-S-JY-05 inspection standard.
The company"s water-based industrial paint is pure water, suitable for automotive parts, steel structures, agricultural vehicle chassis, frame, scaffolding, oilfield pipelines, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, etc. Surface anti-rust decoration, can be adapted to spray, dip Apply and brush a variety of construction methods. Not affected by various temperatures and construction environments.  

Bump plastic printing ink
Plastic embossing printing ink
Large barrel plastic printing ink
Plastic printing ink
Gravure plastic printing ink
Water-based plastic printing ink
XS-YM205 waterborne industrial paint
XS-ym200 waterborne industrial paint
XSYM-125 waterborne industrial paint
Colorful waterborne industrial paint
Water-based industrial paints of different colors
Waterborne industrial paint example

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        Main: water-based industrial paint, flexible packaging embossed ink.

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